Crazy Quilters: Hilliard House Information

Housing Families First's Holiday Wish List:

Twin Sized Sheet Sets

Twin Sized Blankets

New Pillows

Single Ride Bus Tickets

$10 Wawa Gift Cards

Laundry Detergent

Pots and Pans

New and Gently Used Towels

Hospitality Charity Projects

Charity Projects: The chapter conducts ongoing charity projects. Each member is requested to make at least one quilt per year (two or three if you choose to make the 16" fetal demise quilts) for any of the following opportunities. Don't feel limited to only one per year!

  • Johnston-Willis Fetal Demise Program: Small 16" square quilts for premature babies or 18" x 24" for full term babies who have not survived. After the child is photographed on the quilt, the quilt is presented in a keepsake box to the grieving family. Tiny dresses for the fetal demise program (pattern available).

  • J-W Hospitals NICU Units: 30" x 36" quilts to cover the isolates for warmth: also 18-20" for fetal demise quilts, also 40" x 60" quilts.

  • Fisher House: Cheerful, colorful lap size to twin size quilts for children of soldiers going through long term therapy (toddler age to teenagers).

  • Doorways: (formerly Hospitality House) Cheerful lap and twin sized quilts for MCV-VCU long term surgery patients (many of them are children) and their families from other countries.

  • Alzheimer's Patients: Lap and throw sized quilts with many varied textures and/or novelty attachments for Alzheimer patients to "touch and feel".

  • Chesterfield County Families First Program: Crib size (27" x 50" up to 45" x 60") baby quilts to be presented to new young families needing support along with new baby supplies provided by Chesterfield County.

  • Crater Community Hospice: 60 x 80 or any size quilt

  • Barefoot Sitter Nursing House at McGuire Hospital: Lap to twin size

  • Lynchburg Baptist: Cheerful, colorful lap size to twin size quilts for children in Psychiatric Center in Baptist Hospital.

  • ​Chesterfield Christmas Mother: Lap, throw size, twin, any size quilts are needed.

  • Tactile: Tactile quilts for blind babies. 36" x 36" made up of 9 different blocks (12") with texture. Black on the back. Cotton batting, stitch in ditch quilting. A binding not necessary (put right sides together, stitch, turn right side out, and sew opening used for turning).

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